Great Workplaces™ Care in Action – Royal Plaza on Scotts

Care in Action: Royal Plaza on Scotts
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Like us, you may feel bombarded by bad news from around the world and wish for more stories of hope and positivity. To this end, we reached out to some of our Best Workplaces™ to ask them to share with our Great Place to Work® community the measures they have put in place to support both their people and their business during this difficult time.

What we heard back greatly encourages us. These are businesses and organizations that place people before profits and this commitment shines through at times like this.

In this first installment, we hear from Royal Plaza on Scotts (RP™) who placed first on our 2019 Singapore Best Workplaces List.

Providing a Home Away from Home

At the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak in January, Royal Plaza on Scotts quickly moved into action. First, they provided hotel rooms to any of their employees (known as Chief Experience Officers, or CEOs,) who had roommates placed on Quarantine Orders or Leave of Absence in order to reduce the risk of infection and provide CEOs with a peace of mind.

With the recent lockdown of Malaysia, hotel rooms were immediately set aside for Malaysian CEOs who volunteered to stay in Singapore during this period. CEOs have their meals provided at the hotel’s restaurant, laundry taken care of, and have access to high speed WiFi and cable television channels.

“I was very surprised to know that the hotel is allowing us to stay in the hotel rooms for our safety during this period. The stay is more luxurious than the rented apartment for sure, with air conditioning, amenities and cable television.” 

-Chen Feng, Housekeeping Attendant

“It is unexpected that the hotel has offered us to stay in the hotel to keep us safe. Food is provided here at our employees’ restaurant. I’ve also saved on travelling time as I was staying here.”

-Hou Qi Xin (Rita), Housekeeping Attendant

Being Socially Responsible

To encourage Royal Plaza on Scotts’ CEOs to be socially responsible by remaining at home if they exhibit any symptoms, the hotel urged its employees to use Raffles Connect App to teleconsult with a professional doctor in the comfort of their own home. If needed, medicine will also be delivered to them as needed.


Spending Meaningful Time with Family

RP™ believes that even in challenging times, they are still committed to adding colour to the lives of their CEOs and their loved ones. During the Lunar New Year period, each CEO received a red packet from the management team despite the downturn caused by the virus outbreak. Red symbolises luck, life and happiness and the giving of a red packet is a gesture of blessing and wish for each CEO’s good health and prosperity in the year ahead! With the travel restrictions, employees are encouraged to stay in Singapore and spend meaningful time with their loved ones through an RP™ staycation. CEOs receive privileged room rates complete with additional perks!


Giving Back Does Not Stop

It would be understandable if community outreach efforts were scaled back or even put to a stop during this difficult time. However, giving back is a value that is deeply rooted in each CEO’s heart and RP has carried on with its CSR efforts this season! Their passionate Gastronomy team recently prepared fish porridge for the young-at-hearts staying at Tai Pei Old People’s Home hoping that this porridge made with love will touch their hearts and bring them joy.


And Getting CEO Ideas and Input Continues

Creating an environment where CEOs feel that they are able to speak up, is essential if RP™ is to adapt quickly and remain agile to changing market conditions – all the more so in difficult times. Engaging and listening to feedback from CEOs continues to be a trademark practice of RP’s General Manager Patrick Fiat and this commitment to listen to CEOs from across departments continues. CEOs are continually encouraged to share their thoughts and recommendations to improve the hotel experience for both guests and CEOs – under all conditions!

Care in Action: RP on Scotts
“We all love our second home (RP), and want nothing but the best for the hotel and our friends at work.”

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