When Your Workplace is More Than Just a Company – “Cisco is my HOME” :
The Story of Khoa Nguyen

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Cisco Systems Vietnam’s purpose is to power an inclusive future for all. They believe in the power of technology and what it makes possible for the communities, businesses, and governments around the world.

In their recent employee survey, a very heartwarming testimonial was submitted by one of their employees about how his life was turned around by an unexpected event in his own family, and how he was touched by the great gesture of his Cisco Systems Vietnam’s family.

This was the actual employee testimonial written by Khoa Nguyen, copied with his permission to be featured in this article.

What will you answer if one day you got a question: How does it feel working in an organization that is Great Place to Work-Certified ?

I think that most of people will tell their happy memories, good experience, nice colleagues or professional workplace…

But for me, pls allow me to tell you my story from…an unexpected issue of my small family.

In April 2019, my wife delivered 4th daugher. Before that, we had 3 daughters who were born from 2007 to 2011 (we call our daughters as Cisco next generation since their father started his job in Cisco from 2006).

For our 4th daughter, in the 7th month of her mom’s pregnancy, doctors found out that our baby’s heart has problem. She has Truncus arteriosus. Untreated, truncus arteriosus can be fatal. Surgery to repair truncus arteriosus is generally successful, especially if the repair occurs before your baby is 12 months old.

With our baby case, doctor asked us to allow them to proceed the surgery ASAP to keep our baby life. Since Truncus arteriosus is a birth defect of the heart therefore the Insurance company refuse for any claim from our baby’s surgery !

Doctors confirmed the surgery date will be 18 June 2019. Before the surgery date around 1 week, I started to reach out to our HR team to look for the support from Cisco. Honestly, at that time, I think the chance to get the support from Cisco is just around below 50%…

When HR team received our information, immediately they made a call with me and my wife. They listened our baby story and also comfort us very sincere. HR team asked us to send our baby document to them and promised with us that they will try the best to help us to save our baby life !

In 18 June 2019, I brought my little princess to surgery room. After surgery, doctors kept our baby in ICU around 10 days. And 27 June 2019 was the day of sad memory ! Our baby left us ! We cried a lot !

Suddenly one week after our baby passed away, we received the call from HR team. They informed us that Cisco management approved to sponsor for our daughter’s surgery ! I shared to HR team that the surgery was fail and now no need to get the support from Cisco. One again, HR team showed us their professional. They sent us the condolence and convince me to provide them all invoices of our baby surgery…

…in August 2019, Cisco transfered to my bank account 100% of our baby surgery’s expense. When I call to my wife to inform this, both of us cried and missed our little daughter!

I believe that our baby angel who now is in heaven always smile and proud of her father company.

I believe that if someone give their hands to save your and your relative life, definately they are your FAMILY !

And I also do believe that the place where you are protected in the safest way, we call that place is HOME

Yes ! Cisco is my HOME. I’m proud to be a member of CISCO FAMILY !

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